Better Roofs

Betters Roofs

Version: V11
Any System

    Betters Roofs is a module for enhancing Foundry's overhead tile functionality.

    Required Modules


    Reveal in Fog


    Keep in mind that this settings works of the Vision Range of the token, if the token has no Vision Range or Vision disabled the roof will not show.

    When this option is enabled, the full tile will be revealed in the Fog of War and display as "explored". This features uses the image itself for detection, so if your roof tile is completely enclosed in walls, the roof will not be revealed. In the same way, if a roof is illuminated by a light it will not be revealed.

    Note: If you are using Levels, the Top of the tile needs to be set to Infinity for the tile to count as a roof (an this feature to work)

    Overhead Tile SettingsOverhead Tile Settings

    Occlusion ID

    This id is used to create "groups" of tiles, imagine it as a tag, it can be any text you wish, such as "house-1-canopy"

    Occlusion Links

    With Occlusion Link you can link the occlusion state of tiles.

    A tile marked as Occlusion Link Source will set all the tiles with matching Occlusion Link ID to its occluded state

    For example, let's say you have trees that are overlapping with the roof of a building, when you are inside the building and the roof is occluded (not visible) you don't want the trees to be visible inside the house. Simply assign the same occlusion link id to the trees and the roof, then set the roof as occlusion link source. When the roof is occluded, the trees outside will disappear as well. Keep in mind that if you were to enable Occlusion link source on the trees as well, going under one tree will make all trees and the roof occluded.

    Occlusion Radius settingsOcclusion Radius settings

    Occlusion Radius

    This token setting will determine the size of the revealed radius when a token is under a tile with "Radial" occlusion mode.