Token Z

Token Z

Version: V11
Any System

    Easily manage the Z-Index of tokens.

    Auto Sorting

    Z-Index FieldZ-Index Field

    Token-Z is opinionated and will auto sort based on some parameters:

    • Elevation: With a maximum priority
    • Size: with a weight of -1 (this means a token that is 2x2 will have a -4 z-index to it)
    • Selected: with a weight of 1 (a selected token will have a +1 z-index applied)
    • Defeated: with a weight of -1000

    Manual Sorting

    Simply input a z-index value in the new field in the token config.

    Pushing Back

    If you want to push a token back, you can press the Z key (rebindable). The pushing is temporary and refreshing the page or changing scene will restore the automatic sorting.