Puzzle Locks

Puzzle Locks

Version: V12
Any System

    A module to create various puzzle type locks that can be used to lock down any document (tokens,journals,items,actors etc...). The module includes various types of puzzles, from basic PIN\Password locks to Sudokus, Rings alignment, Switches, Cryptex and more.

    How to use

    Using puzzle locks is very simple, follow these steps:

    • Open a document you want to lock (token, journal, item, actor etc...)
    • Click on the Puzzle Lock header button to open the puzzle lock configuration
    • Select the type of puzzle you want to use
    • Configure the puzzle settings (every puzzle has a brief description of how it works)
    • Configure the appearance if you wish
    • Save

    The document is now locked, and the puzzle will be displayed to the user when they try to open it. They will need to solve the puzzle to unlock the document.

    Content link

    The Configuration window has a Copy Content Link button you can use to paste in a journal or chat.


    When a lock is unlocked, by defaut, if the document is a door type wall, the door will be unlocked. If it's any other type of document, all users will get ownership of the document.

    What can be Locked?

    Locking a Door

    You can lock a door by opening the wall configuration and setting up the puzzle lock. If the door is in a locked state and a user tries to open it, the puzzle will be displayed.

    Locking tiles (Monk's Active Tiles support)

    You can lock a tile by opening the tile configuration and setting up the puzzle lock. If the tile is an Active Tile, any click action that triggers the tile will display the puzzle instead of executing the action.


    • A tile with a click trigger will display the puzzle when clicked and the action will not be executed. Once the puzzle is solved, the action will be executed the next time the tile is clicked.

    Locking Journals, Items, Actors, etc...

    You can lock any document by opening the document sheet and setting up the puzzle lock. If a user tries to open the document, the puzzle will be displayed and the document will not be opened unless the puzzle is solved.


    The sidebar controls the actions that can be performed while inside the puzzle interface. Usually you will just see the general actions:

    • Attempt Unlocking - This button will attempt to unlock the puzzle. If the puzzle is solved, the document will be unlocked.
    • Configure (GM Only) - This button will open the configuration window for the puzzle lock.
    • Share to Chat - This button will share the puzzle to the chat. This is useful if you want to share the puzzle with other players.
    • Close - This button will close the puzzle interface.

    All these button are in white color.

    Special Buttons

    Some puzzles have special buttons that can be used to interact with the puzzle. These buttons are in orange color. For example, the Tile Shuffle puzzle has a Shuffle button that can be used to shuffle the tiles.