Real Dice

Real Dice - Manual Rolling

Version: V11
Any System

    How to use


    Manual rolling is disabled by default!

    1. Enable manual rolling with the Shift + R keybinding or by clicking the Real Dice toggle button. You can find the button above the chat text area to the right of the Roll Mode dropdown.
    2. Trigger a dice roll in any way you like.
    3. You will be shown the Real Roll window. If you wish to ignore it and roll automatically, simpy press Enter\Escape or click the button without inputing any roll.
    4. Click on the dice faces to manually write the result of the rolls. Then click the confirm button.

    Any dice left empty will be rolled automatically.

    Roll Mode

    If your Roll Mode is set to Blind GM Roll, the manual rolling will be skipped.


    If your module overrides the roll function, you can manually call the Real Dice API to roll dice manually.

    await CONFIG.Dice.RealRoll.prompt(this.terms);

    Where this.terms is your Array of RollTerm