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Shaders are a way to create great visual effects, these tend to be easier on performance than using animated 3D Models or Animated Textures. Still, keep in mind that shaders are not free, they will cost you performance, so use them wisely. It's always possible to disable shader effects per client.

Configuring Shaders

You can configure shaders in the Configure Shaders window. This window can be opened by clicking the Configure Shaders button in the 3D Tab of Tiles, Templates and Tokens. The window will be the same for all of these.

Once you have opened the window, you will see an interface with a Tab for each shader. Each tab will have a list of options that you can configure for that shader and a description that will explain what the effect does.

To enable a shader, simply head to the corresponding tab and check the Enabled checkbox.

Quick Shaders

On tokens, it's possible to quickly enable shaders, for example if you are in the middle of a fight and you want to set a token on fire. To do so, simply right click on the token to bring up the Token HUD, locate the Magic Wand button on the right and click it, A panel will open where you can quickly toggle shaders on that token.

DnD 5e integration

If you are using Dnd 5e, shaders will be automatically applied to Measured Templates when casting a spell depending on the type of damage of the spell. You can disable this in the module settings.


Some effects are almost free, while others can be very expensive depending on the usage.

The more expensive effects are marked with a warning sign in their description. If you are experiencing performance issues, try disabling these effects.

Effects that are not marked with a warning can generally be used freely even on low-end devices.

Freezing & Stuttering

When enabling a shader for the first time, after the scene has been loaded, you may experience some freezing or stuttering. This is normal and will go away after a few seconds. This is due to the fact that the shader needs to be compiled and the browser needs to cache the compiled shader. Unfortunately this is a WebGL limitation, there is no way to avoid this as it's not possible to fully precompile the shaders.