Tile Scroll

Tile Scroll

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Scroll, rotate, and repeat tiles over time.

How to use


Tile scroll will not work with tiles with an Occlusion Mode of Radial or Vision

Tile ConfigurationTile Configuration

You can set all the tile animation parameters in the Animation tab of the tile configuration.

Enable Scroll and Rotation

Enabling these will enable the animations. You can have both enabled at the same time or only one of them.


The direction in degrees of the scrolling.


Speed of the animation, if you want to reverse the animation (for example rotate in the opposite direction) you can use a negative speed

Texture Repeat

How many times the texture is tiled. If you wish, you could use Tile Scroll just for tiling by setting the speed to 0

If you are using rotation, and you don't want the tile to repeat outside it's bounds, you can set Texture Repeat to 0, keep in mind that due to how Tile Scroll works you'll need the edge of the texture to be transparent for the Texture Repeat = 0 to work correctly. This is unfortunately a limitation of the implementation.

Rotation Pivot

This pivot represents a percentage of the tile. A pivot of 0.5, 0.5 will rotate the tile along the Center, while a pivot of 0,0 will rotate along the top left corner, 1,1 along the bottom right and so on.


The offset is also percentage based and works with the same logic as the pivot.