Version: V11
Any System

    Filepicker but better !


    Filepicker+ WindowFilepicker+ Window


    • Image\Video Previews: Hovering over an image in the filepicker will show a large preview on the top left of the screen. Videos are also previewed this way
    • Audio Previews: Hovering an audio file will play it, you can tweak some settings in the module settings (as well as disable this feature)
    • 3D Previews: If you have 3D Portraits installed, Filepicker+ will preview 3D glb\gltf files the same way as images.


    Filepicker+ will let you add favourite folders to an easly accessible list.

    Copy Path

    Apply ButtonApply Button

    Right clicking a file will copy it's full path in case you need it.

    Apply Changes

    Filepicker plus will add a handy Apply button to Objects configuration sheets, so that you can apply the changes without closing the window if needed.

    How to use


    Add Favourite ButtonAdd Favourite Button

    Adding a Favourite

    To add a Favourite, hover over the folder path on the top of the Filepicker+ window, an Add to Favourites button will appear

    Favourites ListFavourites List

    Accessing the Favourites

    To access your Favourites list simply click on the star icon, you can then click any of your favourites folders to navigate to that location

    Removing a Favourite

    To remove an item from the Favourites list, click the X button on the right of the item.


    You can customize the size of the Filepicker+ as well as what previews are enabled in the Module settings

    Sidebar Picker

    Sidebar PickerSidebar Picker

    With this feature you can have the Filepicker+ as a sidebar tab, this is enabled by default and can be disabled in the module settings.

    The sidebar picker should have a familiar interface, with the only difference that the folders are collapsed for extra space. Simply hover over the folders to expand them.

    The sidebar picker lets you do some extra things that the regular filepicker does not:

    Image as Token

    Drag n Dropping an image while on the token layer will create a Token. The size of the token is determined by the Size field (eg, 100 will make the token 1x1, 200 2x2 etc...)


    Dropping a sound while on the sound layer will create it on the scene, The sound will be created with a Diameter equal to the Size (in units). Eg. With a asset grid size of 100 the sound will be created with a 50ft radius.

    File Selection

    If you have an input field focused (for example the Image Path field in the Token Appeareance tab) and you click a file in the Sidebar Picker, that file will be set into the currently focused input.