Dig Down

Dig Down

Version: V11
Any System
    Rebuild Cache buttonRebuild Cache button

    Perform deep searches inside folder structures and sidebars and fuzzy searches on compendiums and sidebars. The text in this journals contains the word



    Deep Folder Search

    Journal containing the word "Tips"Journal containing the word "Tips"

    If enabled, it will allow you to search in subfolders while using the file picker.

    For this feature to work you must enable Deep File Search in the module settings then click the Rebuild Cache button in the settings sidebar

    If a directory contains a file called noscan.txt, then that directory will be excluded from the deep folder search. This can be useful if you have a very large collection of files, and including all of them would use too much memory for the cache.

    Fuzzy Search

    Fuzzy Searches are done automatically. It will find the closest matches to your search (e.g. searching for accolite will show Acolyte in the results). They are enabled by default and will work for compendiums and the actor sidebar.

    Deep Search

    Search CR with deep searchSearch CR with deep search

    The deep search starts with &. It will look into the items to find a property or value that matches the search. For example: Searching for the name of an image will filter for any entity that is using that image.

    Note that this feature works on all sidebar directories and will search inside the JSON itself. If you are looking for a scene with zombies you can search in your scene sidebar for &zombie.

    • You can use the && and the || operators to search for multiple properties at once. For example, &zombie&&multiattack will search for zombies with a multiattack action. &zombie||skeleton will search for zombies or skeletons.

    Prop Search


    Prop Search may be slow for huge directories.

    Starting a search with ! will search in the properties defined in the settings.

    If data.details.cr is a property defined in the settings, searching for !1 will filter for creatures with a cr of 1.

    Other Features

    Advanced search for compendiumAdvanced search for compendium

    Cache Rebuilding

    To rebuild the cache (needed if you move\add files) use this button:

    Excavating Tokens

    This option will find the closest match image based on the token name.

    To use it, simply click the excavation button to the right of the token image field.



    This package is licensed under the Prosperity Public License 3.0 which means this package is free to use for non-commercial projects.

    See this (opens in a new tab) for more details.