Epic Rolls 5e

Epic Rolls 5e

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    A module to make group rolls more engaging with some flair and sound effects. Let your other players spectate the roll and see the results in real time!

    How to use


    Note that this module does not support multiple GMs connected at the same time!

    Starting a new roll

    Epic Rolls button locationEpic Rolls button location

    To start a new Epic Roll, simply click on the epic roll button, located in the bottom half of the chat sidebar, above the chat input box. You will be welcomed by a new window, where you can configure the roll you want to make.

    Configuring the roll

    New roll windowNew roll window

    The roll configuration window is divided into 3 sections:

    Player selection

    In this section (on the left) you can select which players will participate in the roll. You can select all players, or select specific players by clicking on their name. By default all players will be selected. When an epic roll is started everyone will be able to spectate the roll, but only the selected players will be able to roll.

    Roll configuration

    In this section (on the right) you can configure the roll itself. You can select what kind of check will be made, and what the DC will be. Some extra options allow you to use the average roll instead of the actual roll. Selecting an actor in the contested roll will roll the selected check from that actor and use it as the DC.

    Confirmation and roll

    Epic Rolls interfaceEpic Rolls interface

    In this section (on the bottom) you can confirm the roll and start it. You can also cancel the roll and close the window. The Save as Macro button will save the roll as a macro, so you can use it again later. Saving a roll as a macro will not save the selected players, so you will have to select them again when you use the macro.

    After the roll

    Post-roll Chat messagePost-roll Chat message

    After the roll is finished, the roll window will close and the results will be posted in the chat. Note that the results of the roll will be visible to all players, even if they were not selected to participate in the roll.

    Module Settings

    The module settings will let you customize the sounds that are played when a roll is made, and when a roll is finished with different sounds for success and faillure. By default the module uses the same sounds for success and faillure, but you can change them to whatever you want.

    You can also delete chat messages generated by rolls made while in the epic rolls window. This option is suggested if you want a cleaner chat, since the roll results are displayed anyways at the end of the roll.