Additional Info

Measured Templates

Placing a template will work the same way as in 2D, but because we have a third dimension we have an extra control to set the height of some shapes.

Creating a Measured Template

To create a Measured Template simply drag while in the Template Controls with a shape selected.

Creating Cones or Circles (spheres) works the same way as in 2D as the third dimension is implied.

When creating a box or a ray template, you'll be able to use the scroll wheel to set the height of the template.

Making a Cylinder

Since this is not obvious, to create a cylinder, head over to the Token Controls and click the Set Elevation for next placed Template button . In the Special field, set the height of the cylinder (in grid units). Then place a circle template.

3D Template settings

3D Templates only have one extra setting compared to 2D ones (outside of the shader configuration) , you can head in the 3D Tab in the template configuration to set a template to be a Fog of War box

Fog of War box


Keep in mind that only Rectangle Templates can be used as Fog of War boxes.

Fog of War boxes are a special type of template that will hide the area they cover from the players. This is useful for hiding areas that are not yet explored by the players. Because Fog of War in 3D is still two dimensional and can be expensive on performance, the Fog of War box is a light and effective solution for multifloor or large dungeons. As a GM, you will see the Fog of War boxes as semi-transparent boxes, while the players will see them as fully opaque.