Tile Sort

Tile Sort

Version: V12
Any System

    Easily sort how tiles are stacked, hide tiles for easier management of stacked tiles and highlight tiles on hover.

    How to use

    The Tile Sort InterfaceThe Tile Sort Interface

    Sorting Tiles

    To sort the tiles, simply drag and drop in the list

    Hiding Tiles

    Hovering over the image of the tile in the tile sort window an eye icon will appear, clicking it will hide the tile until you close the tile sort window or click the button again. This will allow you to work and move tiles that are overlapping the hidden tile more easily.

    Opening the tile configuration

    The Button to open Tile SortThe Button to open Tile Sort

    Double clicking a tile in the Tile Sort interface will open it's config, this will allow you to open a tile configuration without moving other tiles that could overlap it.


    Hovering over a tile in Tile Sort will create a colored highlight of the tile that will make spotting overlapping tiles easier