Dynamic Soundscapes

Dynamic Soundscapes

Version: V12
Any System

    Create dynamic soundscapes with an easy and organized interface.

    How to use

    The first time you activate the module, a Soundscape folder will be created. All the soundscapes you create must be stored there for the module to recognize them.

    Opening the interface

    To open the interface, click on the Dynamic Soundscapes button in the Sidebar Playlist tab. Alternatively, you can use the Shift + S shortcut.

    Creating a soundscape

    Soundscapes are just regular playlists with some extra processing done by the module, you can simply create a playlist in the Soundscape folder or use the New Soundscape button in the interface.

    Adding sounds to a soundscape

    To add sounds to a soundscape, click on the Cog button in the interface to open the Playlist configuration where you can Bulk Import, or click on the + button to add a single sound.


    Blocks are an imporant part of Dynamic Soundscapes, they are container for your sounds and can be configured in different ways, by default sounds will be placed in the Orphaned block.

    Creating a Block

    To create a block, simply click on an empty space in the interface. A new block will be created.


    You can drag and drop blocks to organize them, you can also drag and drop sounds from one block to another.


    To open the Block configuration, click on the Cog button in the block header. In this window you can configure the block name, type and color.

    Enabling Sounds

    Ambient and Random blocks require sounds to be enabled, in order to enable a sound, simply click on it. You can click again to disable it.

    Block types

    There are 3 types of blocks:

    • Ambient - Ambient blocks will play all enabled sounds inside them at the same time, they are useful for creating a background ambience.
    • Random - Random blocks will play a random sound inside them chosen between the enabled sounds, they are useful for creating a more dynamic soundscape. You can set the frequency of the random sounds by setting the Time in the Block configuration.
    • Soundboard - Soundboard blocks will play a single sound inside them, you cannot enable sounds in a soundboard block, instead, clicking a sound will play it.

    Playing a soundscape

    When a Soundscape is in the Stopped state, all sounds from that soundscape will be stopped, and none can be played. To play a soundscape click on the Play button to the right of the soundscape name.

    When a soundscape is in the Playing state, the following will happen:

    • All enabled sounds from Ambient blocks will be played at the same time and loop.
    • Random sounds from Random blocks will be played at the frequency set in the block configuration.
    • You will be able to play sounds from Soundboard blocks by clicking on them.


    Setting a mood

    You can set a mood for a soundscape by using the setMood function.




    Playing a soundscape

    You can set the currently active soundscape by using the setPlaylist function.




    or, using the playlist name:

    ui.dynamicSoundscapes.setPlaylist('My Soundscape');

    To stop the currently active soundscape: