Image Context

Image Context

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Create image popouts of any image.

How to use

Image Context MenuImage Context Menu

Invoking the Image Context Menu

Simply right click on any image in the interface to open the Image Context Menu, if the item has already a context menu, Right click two times

This works on any image, this includes:

  • Images in sidebar items (Right click two times)
  • Images in the file picker
  • Images in character, items, journal sheets
  • Images in chat messages


Image Context Scene controls buttonImage Context Scene controls button

The Show button will popout the image, from here you can use the regular foundry interactions, such as show to players

Send to chat

This will open a prompt that will let you chose which players can see the chat message. The image will be posted to chat. Any image created this way, can be popped out from the chat by left clicking on the image.

Copy URL

This will let you copy the image path, to (for example) paste it on a tile or token image field or anywhere else.

Chat image parsing

Image context will also parse image URLs posted in chat, so if you send an image url into chat the image will be shown and it can be popped out by left clicking.

URL Parser

The button in the tile layer will let you execute the context menu operations on a copied URL.