Module Hub

Module Hub

Version: V11
Any System

    Automatically check for my premium modules updates and receive notifications for Critical Updates on my Free Modules and new Free and Premium Releases.

    Note that new releases are rare and you won't get notified about premium releases more than 1 time per month (most likely less).

    You can check out my website (opens in a new tab) if you want to view all available premium modules.

    What is it for?

    The Module Hub allerting you of a critical updateThe Module Hub allerting you of a critical update

    If you are not a patreon supporter you get notified by module updates that can potentially save your impending game from disaster (because of my mistakes ehm..) since the module will notify immediately when you enter your foundry world. If you are a patreon supporter it will save you the effort of having to check the discord for new updates as well!


    Receive critical notifications on my free and paid modules and new Premium Releases.


    The Module Hub SettingsThe Module Hub Settings

    Whenever an update for a premium module is detected you will be notified about it and prompted with a download link that will bring you to the Patreon post.


    By default the module will check on startup and will also check for modules that are installed but not enabled, you can change these options in the module settings


    Documentation ButtonDocumentation Button

    The Hub will also add a button next to the module title in the configure settings menu to quickly access the documentation!

    Generating Support Information

    Make sure you have the Module Hub (opens in a new tab) installed!


    This feature is available only on Foundry VTT 11 or higher

    To generate support information for the module hub you can use the info icon as shown in the image, a window will pop up, click the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the content in your support request.

    If you wish to provide the information manually you can use this template:

    **Foundry VTT Version:**
    **System Name\Version:**
    **Module\s Name\Version**: