Rich Info Tooltips

Rich Info Tooltips

Version: V11
Any System

    Create sections of text that you can hover for more information. Chose between different themes and enchance your content.

    How to use

    Automatic TooltipAutomatic Tooltip

    When you first start the module, or if the Jurnal is missing, a Rich Info Tooltips Jurnal will be created in your Jurnal list. You can move it to any folder you want but do not rename it.

    • Add a new page to the Rich Info Tooltips Jurnal, in this example we will call it Example.
    • Add whatever content you want to the page.
    • Now you will be able to make an Example tooltip in any other rich text field.
    • Use the syntax @INFO[Example] to create a tooltip that will show the content of the Example page on hover. This will work in:
      • Any rich text editor (Journals, Item Descriptions, etc.)
      • In Chat messages

    Automatic Tooltips

    When this setting is enabled (default enabled) you will get tooltips created for you whenever you hover a content link (the clickable links that are created when you type @ in a rich text editor). This will only work if the content link is a page in a journal or an item.



    You can select a theme in the module settings, the following themes are available:

    • No Theme - No theme, usefull if you want to style the tooltip yourself or you have other modules already styling it.
    • Dark Fantasy - A dark theme with a fantasy feel.
    • Sci-Fi - A Sci-Fi theme with spaceship hud vibes.
    • Retro - A retro theme with a CRT monitor look.
    • Modern - A modern theme with a typewriter style.