Getting Started

3D Canvas Getting Started


Lost with how to navigate in 3D? Check the controls section!

A guide for quickly getting started with 3D Canvas.

If you prefer Video Guides, you can check 3D Canvas Installation (opens in a new tab) and the 3D Canvas Tutorials (opens in a new tab) with the most recent 3D Canvas Video guides

Your First 3D Scene

Now that you are familiar with enabling the 3D Mode, let's make a simple 3D Scene.

Obtain a model

We will be using this model (opens in a new tab) as an example for the guide. You can use any other model for this tutorial.

Download the model above or a model of your choice for the scene. Ensure the model is downloaded in or converted to the GLB format.

Set up 3D Canvas

Ensure you have all the required modules enabled and installed.

Once you have 3D Canvas and its required modules enabled, you will now be able to create and view 3D Scenes in Foundry.

Enable 3D

You can enable 3D on any map by pressing the Toggle 3D Mode button located under the Token Controls

This also works for preexisting maps. Enabling 3D Mode will not make any changes to your original 2D Scene.

Create a 3D Scene

First create a scene as you normally would.

In the Scene Configuration, under the 3D Tab, enable Enable for Players and Enable 3D on Load and Use 3D Geometry for Sight Calculations and then save the scene configuration.


When you have Use 3D Geometry for Sight Calculations enabled, vision will not work when the map is in 2D Mode but will only work in 3D!

Upload your model

Enter 3D Mode and navigate to the Tiles Layer, click the Folder icon, and browse to your preferred directory.

When you open the Tile Browser while in 3D Mode you will be able to upload 3D Models the same way you would upload an image

Upload the downloaded GLB file then drag and drop it onto the scene. Note that if you open the File Browser while in 2D Mode it will show images instead of 3D Models!

Scale your model

On the Foundry sidebar, open your compendiums submenu. Locate the 3D Canvas Macro Compendium.

Select your tile by clicking on it, then run the Fit Tile To Scene Macro.

Play around

Drag some tokens from the sidebar to the scene and start playing in 3D!

Beyond the basics

Now that you are familiar with basic 3D Canvas functionality, it's highly suggested that you install 3D Canvas Mapmaking Pack and 3D Canvas Token Compendium so you have some tiles, tokens and premade scenes to play around with!

The 3D Canvas Mapmaking Pack will give you access to both assets and tools to make map building way easier!

Open the tile builder controls

Head to the tiles layer, you will see a icon, this will show you a quick reference of the tile builder controls, click it.

Open the file browser

You can do this by clicking the icon.

Navigate to modules/canvas3dcompendium/assets/Tiles or use the Asset Browser.

Choose your preferred assets

Drag and drop them onto the scene and start building!

What next?

It's also suggested that you install 3D Portraits and Filepicker+ to get 3D Previews when you hover over files and Heroforge (opens in a new tab) integration! Once that is setup, you can start building your own scenes by using 3D Tiles!

To further enhance your 3D Canvas Experience, you can check the Recommended Modules.