Terrascape is a 3D Terrain Sculpting and Painting Tool, you can use it as a web app at https://terrascape.theripper93.com/ (opens in a new tab)

Getting Started

This section will guide you through setting up a basic project.

Setting up a New Project


  • You will be welcomed by the Sculpting interface. To sculpt simply click and drag on the Terrain or Right click and drag to invert the sculpting direction.
  • To switch between the available Sculpting tools, click the corresponding icon in the bottom section of the left side Controls
  • If you wish to change the view mode of your terrain, click the Top button in the left side Controls.


  • Click the second button from the top in the left side Controls to switch to Painting mode
  • Before painting you will need to add a texture or material, for this example let's use This (opens in a new tab) file. Download it and unzip it somewhere on your device.
  • Click the Add Texture button (the first button in the Painting Tools). A window will open.
  • You can click on each individual material channel to upload the texture or drag and drop every file individually to each channel. To speed up the process, open the folder you downloaded previously, select all the textures and drag all of them in any of the channels, Terrascape will automatically map them to the correct channel. Once the upload is complete, press the Confirm button
  • Now that a texture has been added, the Texture panel will appear on the Right side of the interface, you can click any texture to set it as the active texture or the trash can to remove it.
  • Click and drag on your terrain to paint.
  • You can use the 3 Sliders to change some brush settings, in order from top to bottom: Brush Strength, Texture Size and Brush Opacity.
  • Clicking the white square right under the Add Texture button will let you set a Tint for the texture.

Saving, Loading and Exporting the Project

Keep in mind that refreshing the page will result in a loss of all your progress!


This button will create a new project, if you confirm a new project creation, all your current progress will be overwritten but the imported textures will remain.


Use this button to load a previously saved project.


This button will save your project in the JSON format. You cannot use this file in 3D Canvas, this file is meant to save your progress if you wish to continue later, use the Open button to open this saved file.


Export your project to a glb file. This file can be directly imported into 3D Canvas or used in other 3D Software.


While the brush is visible

Left ClickSculpt/Pain
Right ClickSculpt(inverse)/Paint
Middle HoldRotate Camera
Scroll WheelChange Brush Size
ALTHold to disable the brush and enable full camera interactions
Ctrl+ZUndo last action

While the brush is not visible

Right ClickPan Camera
Middle HoldRotate Camera
Scroll WheelZoom Camera