Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker

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Create sliders to track progress of various actions or events

How to use

Creating a Tracker

Progress Tracker buttonsProgress Tracker buttons
  • Click the Edit Progress Trackers button, the main Trackers list will appear
  • In the window, click the Add Slider button, another window will open to configure it

Configuring a Tracker

Name and Background

The first options will let you set the name and background of the Tracker you can find some included backgrounds and icons in the modules/progress-tracker/icons folder.

Main WindowMain Window

Now you can add Sliders and Waypoints


These icons will be movable by the GM, the name field is only for your reference and it's not necessary or displayed.


These icons will be fixed and placed at a certain percentage on the Tracker.

Once you are satisfied, save the Tracker.

Showing a Tracker

Once you created a tracker, click the Eye icon to the right of the Tracker name in the Main Window. At this point this slider will be "linked" to this scene. From now on, clicking the Show Progress Tracker button will show the Tracker. Players can click this button as well to toggle it.