Token Flip

Token Flip

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Switch between different token images and actors on a single token.

How to use

Token Flip Configuration ButtonToken Flip Configuration Button

Configuring the different token faces

  • Open the token configuration
  • Click on the Configure Token Flip button
  • Click the Add new face button to add faces
  • Configure image, actor and scale as needed
  • Close the window
Token Flip Configuration WindowToken Flip Configuration Window

Switching between faces

There are two ways to flip to a different face

Using the token HUD

Left click on the Token flip button to cycle to the next face

Using the Token Flip menu

Token Flip button in the token HUDToken Flip button in the token HUD
Token Flip HUD MenuToken Flip HUD Menu

Left click and hold the left mouse button down on the token flip button to bring up the token flip menu, then click on the desired face.