Paper Doll

Paper Doll

Version: V12
Any System

    A system agnostic Equipment Management UI. Create and manage your equipment, add/remove items with an RPG like UI!

    How to use

    • Open an Actor Sheet
    • Click on the "Paper Doll" header button
    • Drag and drop items from your inventory to the paper doll
    • Right click on the paper doll item to remove it
    • Left click on the paper doll item to open it's sheet


    The visual aspect of the module works with any system, but depending on your system the ability to automatically set an item as equipped when dragged into the paper doll might not work.

    For example, system such as PF2e don't use a binary "equipped" state so if you wanted to track the equipped status using paper doll you would have to manually set the item as equipped or implement the logic using hooks with a world script.