Situational Shortcuts

Situational Shortcuts

Version: V11
Any System

    Add quick to use buttons to situational fields

    How to use

    Module SettingsModule Settings

    Configuring the Shortcuts

    • Head to the module settings
    • Click on the configure bonuses button

    Global bonuses will be availeble to all players and the GM while User bonuses will only be availeble to the user configuring them. You can login with your players accounts to configure it for them if you wish.

    Configure Bonuses windowConfigure Bonuses window
    • Click the Add button
    • Fill the Name and Bonus fields

    The bonus field can contain anything you can have in an item formula. Composed formulas are also supported, valid bonuses include:

    • +1d4 -1d4
    • +10 -10
    • +@prof
    • +1d6 + 2d12kh -@prof*2 + 5

    Using the Shortcuts

    Whenever you make a roll, buttons will appear that will allow you to use your bonuses

    Left Click a bonus to add it to the roll or Right Click to remove it. If you have the Replace option enabled in the module settings, Left clicking a different bonus will replace the current one, otherwise it will be added\subtracted

    Supported Systems

    Roll PromptRoll Prompt

    The currently supported system are:

    • Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition
    • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition
    • Star Wars 5e