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Taskbar InterfaceTaskbar Interface

A Windows Style Taskbar to manage windows and shortcuts easly.

How to use

The instructions will follow the refrerence Taskbar Interface image on this page.

Start Button

Clicking the start button will bring up all the quick access functionalities of Taskbar


Clicking the start button on the top of the sidebar or hovering over any of the buttons will expand the sidebar giving you some usefull shortcuts to Foundry functionality

Quick Items

This list can contain any entity from the Sidebar or Compendiums, simply drag and drop and entity in the quick items to add it (Tokens, Journals, Items etc...)

To remove an item click on the X to the right of the item

Left Clicking an item will bring up it's Sheet, you can also drag an item onto the canvas to place it (such as a token)

Quick Macros

Drag and Drop macros here from ether the hotbar or the macro directory

Left click a macro to execute or Right click to remove it

Players Button

Clicking this button will bring up the Players list which taskbar will remove from the main interface to save space (if the setting is enabled in the module settings)

Tray Icons

These icons provide shortcuts such as Locking\Unlocking the taskbar, Open module settings, Close all windows, or show FPS.

The Arrow pointing up icon will open the Workspaces


The workspaces are groups of windows that you can save for later use. Clicking on a workspace will open all windows stored in that workspace.

Creating a workspace

To create a workspace, click the + button, a prompt will ask for the workspace name. When you create a workspace, all active windows that represent an entity (Actors, Items, Journals etc...) will be saved to the workspace.

Deleting a workspace

To delete a workspace, right click on it.

Toggle Windows

Clicking this button will minimize all opened windows and maximize all minimized windows.

Minimize ButtonMinimize Button

Minimizing\Maximizing windows

To minimize a window, ether click on it's corresponding button in the Taskbar or click on the Minimize button in the window header

The Taskbar


You can customize the aspect and behaviour of Taskbar in the module settings, all options are described in detail there.

Module Synergy

SmallTime IntegrationSmallTime Integration


If you have SmallTime (opens in a new tab) Taskbar will embed it in the Tray Icon space, you can enable the option in the module settings to auto dock small time.

GM Screen

If you have GM Screen (opens in a new tab) enabled, Taskbar will add a Tray Icon to open\close GM Screen

Quick Inserts IntegrationQuick Inserts Integration

Quick Inserts

If you have Quick Inserts (opens in a new tab) enabled, Taskbar will add a search icon next to the Start Button to bring up Quick Inserts


Custom Docking


This feature is provided as-is and not all applications will dock correctly

Custom Docking will allow you to dock arbitrary windows to the taskbar, you can configure it in the module settings. For example, if we want to dock Monk's tokenbar, the macro bar and token notes we can set the setting as follows:


Known module application ids

Core HotbarHotbar
Monk's Token BarTokenBar
Token NotesTokenNotes
Always HPAlwaysHP
Alpha HudSelectedWidgetApp CharactersWidgetApp