Power Select Toolkit

Power Select Toolkit

Version: V11
Any System

    Toolbelt of Selection Powertools. Selection Everywhere, Lazo Select, Search tool, Quick selection macros


    Selection Everywhere

    This module includes the functionality of enabling the Select tool in any layer. This will allow your, for example to select and move\copy multiple lights at once. This feature is the same provided by the Select Tool Anywhere module and has been added for convinience.

    Lazo Select

    In order to enable the Lazo Select, identify the Lazo icon under the Select tool, once toggled on you can click and drag to start the lazo select. The same shortcuts as the regular select apply (Eg. Hold Shift to add to selection)

    Search Tool

    In order to open the search tool, press the Shift + S key combination (rebindable).

    Quick Search

    Whithout diving into the advanced features of the tool you can execute a quick search by typing something in the box and hitting Enter. The default filter is quite generic and will find most things. For example you can search for a specific image, or a specific tint color to select certain tiles. The Select button will show you the number of matches that will be seclected if you press Enter or the button.

    Negating a search

    If you start a search with the ! character, the search will be negated. This means that the search will select everything that does not match the search criteria. For example, if you search for !door you will select everything that is not a door.

    Save to Macro

    You can save the current search to a macro by pressing the Save button. This will open a dialog where you can enter the name of the macro. When running the macro it will execute the search and select the results.


    You can connect multiple filters together. In order to add the current search to the filters list, ether type + in the search box or press the + button. This will add the current search to the filters list and clear the search box.


    This filter will search directly in the data of the placeables. This means that you can search for an image name, the name of a token, the content of a drawing textbox. This fiter also includes some special keywords listed below:

    hidden, owner, player, combat, door, open


    This filter requires the Tagger module to be enabled. It will allow you to select tiles based on their tags. For example, you can select all tiles that have the tree tag.


    This will execute a macro string to verify a certain condition. In the string you can use the @ character to refer to the current placeable. For example, you can use @.document.width > 400 to select all tiles that are wider than 400 pixels.

    Quick Selection Macros

    Power Select Toolkit will add 10 Keybindings (by default Shift + 0-9) that will execute a macro which includes PowerSelectN in the name, where N is the number of the keybinding. You can use the Export to Macro feature of the selection tool to create these macros.